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Business Highlight: A Refreshing Approach to Design "The Catalyst for Change Fund"

Catalyst (n) - an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action.

Here at Catalyst, we constantly strive to make a positive impact on the communities and people we work with. With that goal in mind, the idea of provoking beneficial change had to be written into our DNA as a company from the very beginning. One crucial part of that vision is the “Catalyst for Change Fund”.

The "Catalyst for Change Fund" is an initiative where a portion of the income generated from each project fee is set aside and placed into a general fund for philanthropic design and development with the goal to establish capital over time to fund future civic and social projects, led by Catalyst Architecture, Planning, and Development. Simply put, every client gets the opportunity to invoke positive change in their community and across the world by partnering with us on their individual design needs.

Projects arising from “The Catalyst for Change Fund” will not only align with the company's core values but also focus on giving back to the community. This integrated and direct environmental, sustainable, and governance (ESG) approach sets our company apart from the rest of the design industry, allowing us to invest in community development worldwide.

The reach of the "Catalyst for Change Fund" is not just limited to local neighborhoods, it also aims to have a national and international impact.

The projects funded by the Catalyst for Change Fund will range from local community development initiatives to larger national and international projects. Our company's commitment to improving communities, embracing natural qualities, and providing an enhancement to the human experience applies to cultures across the globe.

We believe that in order to be a catalyst for change in the architecture and development industry, we cannot be limited by geography. Every socioeconomic level has a need and we want to play our part in providing solutions for those needs. This fund is only one aspect of the larger initiative of ESG investment that Catalyst has implemented. The impact on the landscapes we work in, the clients we work with, and the teams we employ will have lasting effects for years to come. By laying the framework for these relationships to be cultivated in our early days as a company, we know that lasting beneficial change will come naturally.

We invite you to partner with Catalyst for any of your design needs. The Catalyst for

Change Fund is a way for us as a company to make a positive impact on communities, but it is also a way for our clients to connect with their communities in a way that they may not have been able to ever before. Let’s create together and be the change we want to see.

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