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Horse Ranch

The Practice


Founded in Denver, Colorado in 2022, Catalyst Architecture Planning & Development is recognized for its commitment to quality, integrity and equity. No matter what project we’re designing, we always aim to make a positive difference in the urban or natural landscape. We envision spaces that will inspire people, help them connect with one another, and enrich the human experience. We do this by embracing the life, love, and diversity of the urban and rural. Recognizing that every great design is the result of a combination of ideas, we’re inspired by the dynamism of both rural and urban life.

We are dedicated to delivering forward thinking design solutions, outstanding project results, and a commitment to quality, integrity and equity. We strive to design and develop communities that embrace natural qualities and provide an enhancement to the human experience. Planning for the future, we are developing projects focused on long term value generation through both ethical and solution-based design. 

Our mission is to be a catalyst to drive change in the architecture and development industries and the communities we work in through well scrutinized, artful, and equitable design.


AIA YAAG Award       2014


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